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Author: Amie

Daniela’s Kitchen – Online Bakery – Episode 17

Download NowI can easily say I’ve met some very special people while doing this podcast and I can say that again with this very awesome lady. Daniela Copenhaver is one amazing woman. There are a couple things that stand out to me about her first being her desire to think outside the box. She was at a steady job and recognized that isn’t what made her happy and after a few years went all in on her dream. Second, is her creativity. She is a baker and her creations are absolutely mind blowing (check out her Instagram link below)....

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Getting Ready for Tax Season – John Eckle CPA – Episode 16

This is a special episode because this is my first return guest and for good reason. John Eckle is a CPA and has come to give us some tips about out taxes. This episode is packed with tips for write-offs and forms you may need. I have never had a contracted employee but John gives us some tips on what we need to consider. Obviously we are just touching the tip of the ice burg when it comes to taxes in this interview but it’s my goal to give you some information so you can at least start getting...

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The Willie Wags Subscription Box – Episode 15

The Willie Wags is more than just a subscription box company. Owner Jamie Clark saw how women in business were competing and not celebrating each other victories enough. To help bridge that gap The Willie Wags began. Each box contains serval items and most boxes even have a book to help inspire. That is a great thing, but Jamie and her small team (of one at the moment) are also telling the stories of these business owners.     Be sure to listen in and take hold of Jamie’s vision to celebrate women in business and how she overcame challenges...

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Love Lee Rolls – Podcast Episode 14

Download NowIt’s been a little bit since a I released a podcast episode and interviewing Christa from Love Lee Rolls I remembered why I wanted to start the podcast in the first place. I want you guys to see what I first saw when it came to Love Lee Rolls. This was a post on Instagram from Mr. Tyson Lee himself and I couldn’t help be think “this is exactly what so many extra small businesses do”. So many people can relate to this clip. Kids in the kitchen and coming home from work to do more work and...

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Intellectual Property

First and foremost I am not a lawyer or even close to it. But for many small businesses owners Intellectual property laws may be something you have to deal with so it’s worth sharing a few resources in case this is something you need to know more about.  First lets define intellectual property: Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. (Source: World Intellectual Property Organization ) During an episode of the Extra Small Biz Podcast we talked with Jay B Sauceda about this topic...

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