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zachandangieZach is the kind of guy everyone wants to know. He’s a great friend you can count on, has a great music library, and can talk sports better than most and he has some of the best business sense of anyone I know. That being said I bounce just about every business idea off of him and he’s always encouraging and had great insights. He was one of the first people I mentioned this podcast as well.

All the great qualities he has really played into networking. Mainly the indirect networking that I can appreciate. We didn’t talk too much in the interview itself but I spend some time in the intro talking about networking for a few minutes. After going back over the interview I realized how much Zach’s interpersonal skills have helped in his career.

The best part of Zach’s networking is that it comes in the way of supporting others. I tend to think of networking as kind of a sleazy gig. Just handing out a business card to anyone who will listen and bombard people with your business. That’s not how it should be. It should come in the way of supporting others and also letting people know your skills, interest, and your business while building relationships.

As far as working in fire reconstruction Zach brings a lot to the table working in this field in three different states. One of my favorites things about this field is that it’s unique. You have to think outside the box to get into this field. And you may not personally be interested in working in construction but is there a field or a niche that you are in or can target for your customers? What can you do differently? Let’s not be so stuck in the norm that we miss opportunities for growth.

Themes Discussed:

Business models – S-Corp
Business Cards
Working with insurance companies
Lead services

Links Mentioned
Fire Repair Inc.
Renovation Forum – not the one Zach used but similar
Start Your Own Business, 6th Edition

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