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Jasmine & Emily LaughingWhen I sat down to start this podcast I knew I needed guests to interview. As I started to make a list of people I knew who were extra small business owners, immediately Jasmin and Emily flew to the top and for good reason. They have been building an online magazine for just over four years. At the time I interviewed them they had 143,000 followers, it has since grown. The content they have on their site and their social media is both relatable and insightful. Something many sites fall short on.

One of the things I really enjoyed about doing this interview was how approachable both Jasmine and Emily were. Even though I’ve known them for well over a decade, I haven’t spoken to them in quite some time. If there’s one thing I could ask of any of my guests is would be to be approachable and authentic. They were just that. They mention things that didn’t work great for them as well as areas they were finding success, not to mention the amount of laughing I had to edit out for the sake of time. They were just fun to chat with.

As with episode and all episodes you won’t want to miss their shoutouts. A shoutout is something tangible the guests have used to help them in their business. It may be a blog, book, podcast or perhaps something else. My goal is to give you the listener something you can use in your business.

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Themes Discussed:

How to start doing product reviews on your site.
You don’t need Photoshop to do great graphics
Tips for getting started.
Monetization for your site.
Why it important to check resources for designers.
Working with other contributors.
How do Jasmine and Emily collaborate?
Why blogging isn’t for those who need immediate gratification.
Creativity and content will drive engagement.
What is an online magazine?

Links Mentioned:

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Hipster Barbie Instagram – No longer operating, but is still up for the moment
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Thanks so much!

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